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It was later elaborated in speeches, lectures and interviews, in the six non-fiction books Rand published in her lifetime, and a further dozen-odd published after her death.Objectivism is also promulgated by the Objectivist Center in Washington DC, until recently run by David Kelley, the author of , a venture called the Atlas Society and an online Objectivism Store selling T-shirts, bags, hats, badges and inspirational posters such as Morality Made Visible, which features the Manhattan skyline, Twin Towers intact, with a quotation from Rand is everywhere on the internet: stickers, coasters, car number plates, CDs featuring a Randian ‘Concerto of Deliverance’ at ‘Amidst the increasingly grey life, her one great pleasure was Western films and plays,’ according to the official biography at the back of .In 1926, Rand obtained a visa to visit family in Chicago; one of her first acts on arrival was to change her name to the rootless, implausible, glamorous-sounding Ayn Rand.

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The ARI was founded in 1985, three years after Rand’s death, by Leonard Peikoff, her friend and heir.

‘My personal life,’ she says, ‘is a postscript to my novels; it consists of the sentence: “.”’ She concedes that she was born in Europe, and says she came to America because she agreed with its ‘moral premises’.

Her only philosophical debt is to Aristotle; her only other acknowledgment is to the ‘values of character’ she finds in her husband, Frank.

The relationship with reality, the universe, whatever, is cribbed from Aristotle, and isn’t very interesting.

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The ethics and politics, on the other hand, are bizarre.Then come ten pages of information about Objectivism, with bibliographies and a full-page advertisement –– and an inside-back-page ad for yet another book.There are more ads and another intro at the front; then in the middle, like one of those rogue outer skins you sometimes find halfway through an onion, a US postage-paid cardboard insert for the reader to tear out and send back to the ARI.Names pop up from website to website, agreeing and disagreeing, welcoming and banning, calling for papers, publishing books.