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The four albums that they released all made it into the top 5, with four of them reaching at least platinum sales (300,000 units) in the UK. Aston was born in 1988 in Cambridgeshire, England, making him 29 in 2017. They also had five number one singles in the UK charts. Aston Ian Merrygold was born in Peterborough, England on 13 February 1988.He was popularly known as the singer of the Jack the Lad (JLS) band, a runner up during the 2008 series of The X Factor in he does because i swear to god i am related with him and that he broke his car 2 weeks ago and you can even look in the computer there is photo of him driving most jls fans know he can drive... Aston Merrygold, 45 Bideford crescent, Knowle, Bristol BS4 1HE(closer than u think) Jonathon Gill, 101 Valentine close, whitchurch, Bristol BS14 (end not included) Ortise Williams, 12 Robberrow, Whitchurch, Bristol, BS14 0AD Marvin Humes, unknown. No Aston is not going out with a model, he is completley single with no girlfreind.

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Despite the rumours you might read in the forums of several websites, Aston Merrygold does not identify as gay or bisexual. In fact, he and his fellow former bandmates from JSL went as far as to say that the gay rumours don’t bother them at all. In fact, he and his fellow former bandmates from JSL went as far as to say that the gay rumours don’t bother them at all. “If it was one of us, one of our friends who was gay, it just wouldn’t matter.” According to sources, Aston Merrygold is worth a staggering £6 million, mainly from his career with JLS – making him one of the most successful acts to come through the show – although he and JLS were nowhere near as successful as the One Direction lads whose combined net worth is said to be in excess of 0 million.

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The pair dated around for nine months and ended their relationship.