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As with every other race, you can't make assumptions about a personality based on the skin attached to it.As for why I am more physically attracted to Asians than to Caucasians, I just find many them to be more aesthetically pleasing than many Caucasian people that I see.The guy said that Asians are the "traditional" small people. All the women I have dated more than a couple dates have been shorter and smaller than me. I do say that I like Asian features such as dark hair, and I see nothing racist about that.But there's a difference between saying this is how Asian women are and this is how Asian women are more likely to be.See, my experience of Asian women has not been that they are submissive or eager to please anyone.The Asian women I've known have been strong, successful, intelligent, and ethical.Maybe I like that they look so different from myself.I don't think that makes me sexist, racist, or anything else.

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It seems that some of the men she interviewed assumed she was not an investigative filmmaker, but just another quiet Asian woman with no opinion.

Well played." -- Do you have examples somewhere else?

Because there aren't any in the video you posted.

Lum’s engaging documentary series makes it clear that there are a ton of men “afflicted with the fever.” In one notable segment, Sheridan Prasso, the author of talks about a bit of online research she did around the subject.

Of all the fetish porn sites out there (leather, feet, redheads, hamburgers), Prasso found that Asian women fetishes exceed—by far—any other fetishes. is a great starting point for exploring and recognizing the issues around race, expectations, and sexuality.

It seems like so often, people want to ignore evolutionary biology and biochemistry and put each other down for having certain preferences in whichever sex or gender they are attracted to.