Are tyler oakley and cory dating

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He keeps asking me to wake you up so you can open presents. I guess one big reason is the fact that she had to go through it twice so she knows how pregnancy is, but she wasn't a teenager like I was.

Despite the whole disappointment about the pregnancy and all, my mom had actually been very supportive and very loving about the whole thing.

I sat back down next to Mike, who opened his first present which was from me. I was just waiting for everyone else to open their presents so that I could make this moment special." Oh my, God. Was he about to do what I think he was about to do.

I had gotten him a piano song book full of his favorite songs and some other great ones for him to play on the piano. As I passed mom her presents from under the tree, I noticed there wasn't one there from Kevin. Kevin took mom's hand and helped her to her feet.

Mom covered her mouth with her free hand, tears falling down her face.

"Maria Hales, will you do me the tremendous honor of becoming my wife? Mike and I nodded our heads quickly, indicating that she should say yes. "Yes, I will marry you." Mike and I cheered as Kevin hugged mom and gave her her engagement ring.

I guessed it was something like a vacation for New Years Eve or a fancy dinner at her favorite restaurant or something like that. He looked into her eyes as I covered my mouth and tried to hold back my happy tears.

Mom didn't seem to notice an absent present from her boyfriend. My baby hormons were through the roof at this moment. " mom questioned, although by the look on her face, she knew exactly what was going on. "I know we've only been dating for a little less than a year, but I love you so much.

Fishel's advice is actually pretty spot-on when it comes to the latter.

The perfect girl and the perfect family and you three are both of those things for me.

I know it's only been a year since your first husband passed away and I'm not trying to take his place in your heart, but I'd like to make my own place and I'll occupy it as long as I can." Kevin got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his back pocket.

"Morning sleepy head," Kevin said as I descended the steps. Mom wants you to open the first one," Mike replied. I could just imagine how he'd react to hear that I was pregnant.

"You're glowing this morning." "She's been standing in front of the microwave too much," Mike said before laughing. Stop stealing jokes from Will Smith and make up your own," I said and sat down. I turned to my mom, who was holding a small, red gift bag in her hand. I chuckled to myself at the thought of dad and Ryder meeting for the first time. The New Directions is going for their third National win in a row with 6 new and amazing singers. Her best male friend, Blaine, is getting married to his boyfriend, Kurt, the next sum... Kevin is here, too." "Merry Christmas mom," I said in reply. My mom was roughly 21 when she had me and 23 when she had Mike. Inside was a little, round bulb for the Christmas tree that read "Baby's First Christmas". It's beautiful." "Put it on the tree," mom urged.Unlike the previous year, I was aloud to sleep in on Christmas day till , then I was gently awoken by my amazing mother, who softly shook me and said, "Wake up Marcia" in her soothing motherly voice. None the less, I was glad she was helping me and Ryder through this. I got up and sent Ryder and Blaine and Kurt a quick text saying Merry Christmas before pulling on my slippers and heading downstairs. It was exactly like dad's Christmas ornament that was hanging on the tree at that moment. I stood up and placed my new Christmas ornament on the tree right next to dad's. I wished dad could be here to celebrate Christmas with us. " "Okay honey." Mom gave me a kiss on the forehead and left.

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