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There’s a real kitchen with a dishwasher, and an on-site washer and dryer to boot. I even have a parking space, which exceeds the size of my old bedroom. It’s hard to be a parent or a pet owner in New York. And good luck riding with your children or pets on the subway.

Because that’s really what an apartment in Manhattan is — a parking space for a body. Los Angeles has all the benefits of living in a suburb — because that’s what it is, a giant string of suburbs — without the great shame of having to move to New Jersey.

There was a time when I thought the best Mexican food in the world came from New York City’s taco trucks. After all, you can’t live or be in love without good food, and L. Mexican cuisine has provided spicy sustenance for both body and soul.

As I mentioned before, in New York City, I lived in a closet-size apartment in Spanish Harlem, in which my bed took up the majority of space — except for that cooler full of books masquerading as an end table.

There are beautiful houses, yards, and excellent public schools in New Jersey — but to move there, you think, seems like some kind of admission of failure.

Will they think you lacked the riches required to send one child to Dalton or purchase even one apartment with a rooftop garden?

They require a room of their own, in which they may vertically stretch their limbs and live without fear that the Grim Reaper is waiting behind a trap door. There was no water, but guests could recline on lounge chairs in vaguely nautical attire and sip cocktails, which were priced as if the ocean was at our feet. Pool parties also happen all year long — I just attended one in the middle of March. As noted, there are many beautiful men in Los Angeles, and pool parties are the best opportunity to appreciate them.

(See more of Miguel Angel Reyes's photos of Casa Frason here.) It’s difficult to experience nature in New York City. It’s cheap and easy, with plenty of hotels and outlet shopping.

Donald Trump will tell you — crowd numbers matter, and that makes us by far the greatest force in The Resistance. Jerry Brown confirmed this when he declared in his state of the union, “California is not turning back. What if I sweat through my shirt on the subway ride? Sure, there are occasions to dress up, but gone are the oppressive fashion laws and the cruel elements used as justification to enforce them. But chances are, if you hang out at one of Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants or the Abbey, it’s only a matter of time before a production assistant asks you to sign a piece of paper that will allow them to air your face to the world, unblurred. If being on TV is your dream, there are so many other opportunities to pursue it.It’s a mini mountain in the middle of the city, where you can see stars (and film history) at the Griffith Observatory (Sal Mineo and James Dean enjoy the view from the observatory above). I’ve joined a gay hiking group, which goes on adventures in the nearby Angeles National Forest, Santa Monica Mountains, and more. Enjoy the wind, the music, the podcasts, and the great open road. and a vibrant present, from the West Hollywood gayborhood to Akbar in Silver Lake to downtown’s blossoming scene. Do you still, even after my meticulous reasoning, find it to be a horrid place filled with smog, shallow people, and a subpar literary scene? Leave your reasons for thinking NYC is superior in the comments, and we might craft a rebuttal.Drive down Wilshire Boulevardd, up the coast to San Francisco, or across the country. magazine’s founding 50 years ago, actually preceded those in New York. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced Queen Kong at Precinct (pictured above, see more photos here). is actually a welcome relief from the all-nighters in New York. The world’s largest provider of programs to the LGBT community is based in L. The center provides housing for homeless youth and elders, health services like HIV testing and care, and numerous education and outreach programs that make the world a better place. In fact, Latinos make up the largest ethnic group in California — a wonderful boon for diversity.

There's also a golden opportunity to learn another tongue and culture from the city’s many handsome Spanish-speaking teachers. Not a week goes by that my partner and I don’t stop in El Compadre on Sunset Boulevard for flaming margaritas and mixed fajitas — even though it’s a little expensive and there’s not much natural light.

As the real estate people always say, Manhattan is your living room.