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They wouldn't unless I forwarded my signature on a piece of A4 paper. It is so sad that so many genuine people are losing so much money(and probably too embarrassed to say so) & there doesn't seem to be any one here in Australia that cares. My bank refunded my Money as I told them it was a scam - which it is!!! I Just explained that they their site was misleading with the charges (which you can see by most of the comments on here) and that you were only expecting to pay x amount. That’s another story lol but my card is cancelled so they can’t charge me any more money.

I feel strongly that I want to inform some authority about this as I truly think it's a scam. I would receive contacts but when I responded there was never more than a handful of replies and I wondered if anyone was real. Before the 12/3/18, I tried to deactivate my account.

I noticed in their terms and conditions that I had to send a fax to cancel my membership.

Obviously making it difficult for anyone to cancel.

If further communication is received from be2 with regard to ‘payment reminders’ this will be considered harassment and I will be seeking legal advice accordingly. I sent a fax on May 24, with 3 follow up emails and they said not sent in time, which I did, before 13 June renewal date. Does anyone know who we can report this company too? There were all sorts of legal threats so I cancelled my credit card as my bank warned me they would still keep trying to withdraw from my account. They then wrote back and said the notice period was not 2 weeks but 6 weeks and that I would be billed again for a further 6 months almost 0.

In addition, please remove all of my personal data from any source controlled, accessed or shared by be2. Failure to comply with this will be in breach of GDPR regulations of which you are compelled to comply. I can't seem to find which card I paid it on but I have now emailed the copy and they are saying now they need transmission confirmation. I have said just cancel the membership immediately or I will report them, I don't want any money back.. The worst dating app ever, some of the profile photos are not even real people, like generic models you’d find in a photo frame in a shop, I joined and with hours of paying i wanted a refund, I emailed them and 3 days later they said too bad we don’t refund it’s in our terms and agreement. I said that I had documentation of the 2 weeks and for them not to tarnish their brand name and hassle a 72 year old man.

This place is ridiculous, I would have preferred to flush the money down the toilet it would have given me more satisfaction! I tried to cancel my membership but the be2 website did not let me. I call them and I told them that I got scam by be2. When I queried it with them they told me that is what the weekly amount was. I told them I had sent emails weeks in advance trying to cancel. Note to self read reviews before joining anything I want to actually give -0 stars.

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