18 furry hookups

30-Aug-2017 16:03

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The completion of Sil’s task earns the alien seductress and Arden their place on our list.

When the cast of a series resembling “Star Trek” is mistaken by actual aliens for true space travellers, they’re taken into space.

The Starman may appear all too familiar to her, but his personality is unlike the man she knew.

Forced to travel cross-country with her new companion, hostility turns to affection and eventually love before their biology tears them apart - but not before he impregnates her.

The result of said human/alien DNA splicing is Sil, who grows rapidly and spends the film with one thing on her mind: seducing and mating with any human male she comes across.

After she alters her appearance, she manages to become pregnant via one of the men sent to retrieve her.

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Romances between planetary species that have not been consummated were not up for consideration so Star-Lord and Gamora couldn’t make the cut.

Shown only in flashbacks, the relationship between these two lovers may not have been long, but they made one hell of a mark on each other’s lives.

Clearly fated to be together, they first became acquainted at one of Greg’s concerts and became romantically involved after Greg randomly walked her way.

Instead of running into the night after her true nature as an ageless alien warrior and leader of the Crystal Gems was revealed, Greg wanted to talk.

For this list, we're taking a look at the times humans hooked up with aliens in film or TV.